5 eye-openers about eyelash extensions!

Women of all ages have been getting eyelash extensions over the past few years because they are an easy way to add instant glamour and definition to the eye area. There are certainly no age restrictions and no, you don’t have to be a tv reality star to enjoy them!

The deal on peach fuzz and makeup

There’s a few reasons why peach fuzz and face makeup don’t mix. For starters, the fine particles in airbrush makeup often stick to the little hairs on your face, making the final look appear “cakey” and the peach fuzz much more visible. This is also true for liquid foundation, as well. Often we don’t realize that bacteria can live on the little hairs on our face, which can also lead to acne. Not only is acne unwanted in general, it makes foundation application even more difficult. By safely waxing or shaving the… Read More