Best practices for making your color last…

Everyone’s hair texture, porosity and makeup is different, but we can all benefit from less frequent shampooing. Extending the life of your shampoo helps not only maintain your fresh color, but it also encourages the natural oils in your hair to come to the surface and create natural shine and dimension. Believe it or not, if your hair is excessively oily at the roots and your ends are overly dry, your hair could benefit from less frequent shampoo sessions. For someone who has oily hair and skin, we recommend a shampoo at the… Read More

Label M haircare products are HERE!!

Yes! It’s all the rage on the West coast.  And now you can get it at Artistry. We are the first salon in a 200 mile radius to carry this award winning product line.  Welcome to Upstate NY label m. What’s label m you ask? It’s an award winning fashion inspired full line of haircare products, not to mention the official product line used in London Fashion Week. From colored dry shampoo to relaxing balm, we have a label m product to suite all your styling needs. Come in and see what… Read More

This summer want to keep reds red and blondes brass free?

We have the answer for you!   EVO COLOR ENHANCING CONDITIONERS. This at home treatment is truly unbelievable! This is a color enhancing conditioner that provides an instant hair color combined with a nourishing treatment to condition, repair, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair color. Results are in just 3 minutes in the shower!