eyelash curling and tinting

Pssst…(are you obsessed with dark, flirty eyelashes, too?)

Some women don’t leave the house without lipstick.

Others have a thing for concealer (you know who you are!) or blotting paper or blush.

Us? Many of us at Artistry have an obsession with eyelashes.

Whether we’re applying mascara or strip lashes, or carefully brushing the lash extensions we have, we believe the window of the soul is through the eyes!

So you can imagine why we’re so excited to share a new service with you!

Lash tinting and curling (also known as “lifting”) can be an easy, maintenance free way for you to have gorgeous, dark, flirty lashes. Why curl your lashes? When you curl straight lashes, they look longer and give your eyes an instant lift. So now you can kiss eyelash curlers and mascara goodbye. The whole service takes less than an hour – and when you’re done, you have maintenance free lashes that last anywhere from one to three months.

To learn more, give us a call, or better yet, ask your stylist when you’re in at your next visit.

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