I woke up like this!

— A first hand experience, by Wendy

Admit it. You’ve had eyelash envy, haven’t you? Well — I did. This summer, I saw a lot of girlfriends with suspiciously gorgeous eyelashes, and I wanted to see what the buzz was all about so I booked an appointment with Kelsey Ward to get a set of eyelash extensions. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up looking good?

While I normally wear mascara and light makeup on work days, the best way to see the difference is to look at yourself before and after without any other makeup on. So, with a fresh face, I arrived at Artistry.

The first thing Kelsey did was bring me upstairs to the spa room, where she examined my lashes and asked what look I was after. Being an extension novice, I left it to her expertise to determine what would look best on me. (I told her I wasn’t looking for a drag queen look — and she agreed that we’d go for something more subtle!)

She took out the extensions and explained that they came in different sizes and that she would use the longer ones on the middle part of my eye and the shorter ones on the inner and outer corner for a light and flirty look. She asked me to lay down and then she used some medical tape to tape my bottom lashes out of her way. It was a little uncomfortable, but she explained that this kept the glue off the bottom lashes.

Taped Bottom Lashes

Bottom lashes are taped to keep them out of the way.

Mink Lashes & Glue

Tools of the trade: high quality mink lashes & glue

Lash by lash

Each lash is painstakingly applied, one at a time!













It took longer than I expected, but I had no idea how many lashes were individually applied. Kelsey estimated about 50 or 60 on each eye — no wonder you’re there for over an hour! She applies a microscopic drop of glue to each lash and then attaches a luxurious mink lash to your lash. The only uncomfortable part of this procedure is when she has to remove the tape from the bottom of your eyelids. I admit, I winced a bit, but I think it was more from anticipation of — rather than actual pain.

When I was done, I looked in the mirror and I was really blown away. Who is that woman in the mirror? I wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup, and yet, these lash extensions really opened up my eyes and gave me an understated, yet sophisticated polish. Kelsey explained that they would  look even better as they settled in and relaxed over the next day or so.

Fresh faced, before eyelash extensions

No makeup, before eyelash extensions.

After eyelash extensions

This was taken right after the eyelash extensions — I applied no other makeup — what a difference!










Once we were finished, Kelsey gave me a lash brush to take home and the following instructions:

  1. Wait 24 hours before you get your lashes wet
  2. Don’t get in a hot tub, go swimming or submerge yourself in water or take a steam bath
  3. Don’t wear mascara, but if you feel you must, just add it to the tips of the lashes only
  4. Use oil-free makeup remover only
  5. Don’t use an eyelashes curler
  6. Brush your lashes daily

I’m writing this a week after I had them put on, and can report that I’ve lost about 8 lashes in total but you really can’t tell. I wake up each morning and haven’t felt the need to put on any eye makeup. The nights I did add eyeshadow I used my Makeup Eraser and water (a cloth you can buy at Sephora) and gently washed off the color before going to bed. So far, I’m loving the experiment, I can see why my girlfriends have been doing this and I’m looking forward to getting my first fill in a few weeks.

Note from Staff: Artistry is running a special on a full set of lashes and extensions — what normally costs $150 is just $80 and fills cost $40. Kelsey books up fast, so get your appointment in before the holiday rush — if you, too, want to “wake up like this!”

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