WHAT? It takes HOW long to get your hair done? A gentle reminder…

Good Hair Comes to Those Who Wait

We care about your hair… and sometimes, it may take longer to achieve the results you desire!

“I was in there for like four hours!” she exclaimed. “Gawd, it took forever!”

Each time a hair stylist hears this, she sighs deeply and tries desperately NOT to get frustrated.

We don’t want to spend FOUR hours on your hair either — but we do. Why? Because sometimes it may take that long to achieve the results you desire without compromising your tresses.

When we consult with you we take our time to understand all the processes you may have had done to your hair prior to sitting in our chair. Hair services (straightening, defrizzing, lifting, darkening color and especially boxed hair color) all change the hair structure in some way. We need to know this BEFORE we decide how to use our expertise to transform your hair into that new color.  For example, if we know you have had extensive lifting of color we may need to build in time for protective treatments so that your hair isn’t compromised further.

We often overhear complaints about the length of time it takes for these special services. If you have long hair and ask for the latest — a balayage or avant garde color — then prepare yourself to stay for a while as we work our magic with your tresses. Balayage and ombré techniques have lighter ends than regrowth. Often we have to darken your base color to accomplish these looks. Additionally, extra color-adjusting toners are needed to give you that deep, rich, warm or cool color you desire. That’s not simple!

True art takes time.

Plan ahead for it and you’ll be much happier when you leave the salon, and so will we!

PS  We block out hours to work on your hair so that we can give you the attention you need. If you cancel at the last minute, we can’t always refill your spot. As workers in a service industry, we cannot simply make that time up. So, please cancel 48 hours prior to the date of your appointment or we will have to charge you a cancellation fee.

PPS This post is not about any particular person or situation. It is about setting expectations so that you feel good about the service you are going to receive!

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